For our clients

You want something as an alternative to your diamond and pearl studs but not sure what. You have a great bracelet but it looks lonely without something to give it that extra oomph. You are just graduating college and don’t have the budget for the major sparkle but need something to carry you through the office and the weekend wedding. You are decorating a house, putting children through school, and the last thing you feel comfortable spending a lot of money on is yourself. You are traveling and don’t want to have to think twice about your jewelry but still want to feel put together. Your mom is now being care for by others and you want to make sure the family heirlooms stay in the family. We all have reasons and seasons of life. Jane Allen was intentionally designed so we can be apart of every one of them. Focused on extreme quality, weight and style we set out to design something that is classic and will carry you through any chapter that comes your way. We want you to feel put together and polished but not too “matchy".We want you to play around in your jewelry box and make what you already have, better. We are timeless, refined and fresh. You will not regret your purchase. 

 For our retailers

Make your customer into a client. As much as we all wish we had a money tree in the backyard, sometimes we need to save for the next chapter. It can’t always be the 40th anniversary. We want you to put something in their jewelry box that makes them wear their jewelry, not put it in a safety deposit box. We want you to be able to service that client who has a budget but also a vision for wearability. We want them to stack up what you’ve already provided and know to always come back to you for any and all things, jewelry. We bridge the gap between heirloom and costume.